About the Founders

Tanya & Alli

Alli MacKenzie

Raised by a single Momma (and a narcissistic father in my early years) I evolved into a skilled “People Pleaser.”

I can proudly say that I’ve outgrown that role but my journey is ongoing. Through my personal development I’m blessed to have learned the most life changing, foundational lesson of all.

With support & strategy we can overcome any obstacles that come our way, and with each challenge comes growth & a deeper discovery of our selves. We are not a product of our past nor is the future to be feared, Life is to be lived.

My professional wellness journey started in Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching. A hungry mind paired with a passion to help others lead me to becoming a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher.

My holistic approach to lifestyle coaching allows me to combine the benefits of wellness education, mindset shifting, and energy healing tailored to each individual. We all have a Leader within patiently waiting to be set free!

I’m excited to connect with you and help guide you in your specific Life Journey!

Tanya West

I began my career as a software developer and quickly realized after a sudden cancer diagnosis that I had to change my life. Was I living in my life purpose? It made me sad to admit that I wasn’t doing things that made me happy.

After going through cancer treatments I started working as a business consultant, helping new entrepreneurs in their first year of business. This lit my inner entrepreneurial spirit within me!  I saw some great successes and some unfortunate failures.  The successes I witnessed came from their passion for what they were doing and I want to share what I have learned with you.

After taking several health courses and becoming a nutritional consultant and certified holistic cancer practioner I am excited about this new venture!

I am able to combine my love of creating healthy habits, disease prevention, business consulting and my years in digital marketing all together to create a powerful unstoppable entrepreneur living in their life purpose. How great is that! Ok and a side of nerdy techiness lol

Let’s work together and make it happen!